[Op-Ed] Still On Yahoo-Yahoo… – By Laide Saheed Azeez

June 14, 2020

Hushpuppi in handcuffs

By Laide Saheed Azeez, USA.

Truly, there are few other countries, especially in Asia, whose fraudulent activities are more sophisticated than Nigeria’s. As a matter of fact, from what I have seen in the past, most of the technology that the Nigerian cyber criminals use are developed by their contemporaries in those countries. What makes a major difference though, is that we don’t see or hear their people glorify and celebrate them publicly like some lazy Nigerians do.

The moment any of these criminals start to wear expensive designer brands or ride luxurious cars, many Nigerians turn them to their models and do not care how or where they got their money from. Even, if and when they realized that the source of wealth of their models is dirty and criminal, some still say “na hustle now”. Hustle?! Haa! Aye ti baje!

Look, if you are still one of those who always celebrate them and pray for their kind of wealth and fame, you should also be prepared to get their rewards of shame and disgrace as soon as possible — they come standard as a whole package. Abi, have you seen someone swim in water without getting the wetness ni? It comes standard.

Na cage be the house of “puppi” wey dey “hush”!

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