Akeredolu and Mimiko Row About Deputy Governor

By Osagie Otabor, Akure


You can’t market a treacherous product, says The Governor.

You’re not a progressive leader, says Mimiko.

Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and ex-governor Olusegun Mimiko are rowing about Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi.


Dr. Mimiko said he would reveal why Akeredolu did in one year what he could not do in eight years.


Akeredolu had slammed Mimiko for abandoning projects started by the late Olusegun Agagu.

He described the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) as a vehicle without an engine.

But Mimiko, who spoke while receiving Deputy Governor Agboola Ajayi at his Ondo home, said Akeredolu was not a progressive governor because he abandoned a reproductive health care programme.


He hailed the courage of politicians who had remained with his vision.

Mimiko said ZLP comprised tested politicians, adding that its structures would be harmonised.

The former governor said ZLP was not expecting any surprise from Agboola and other defectors.


He described Agboola as a well groomed and a seasoned politician, who had learnt a lot in politics.

Mimiko said: “We don’t expect any surprise. We know the good and bad of Agboola. Never trust a man until you give him power.

“Agboola has seen and exercise power. He has a good head and a good heart for governance. This is not the time for campaign, but I will tell my friend (Akeredolu) why he was able to do what I could not do in eight years.


“Any party that does not drive in the direction of removing the burden of looking for money for reproductive health cannot be called a progressive.”

Agboola described Mimiko as “a leader of politicians”, who managed them for eight years.


He stressed the need for unity to rescue the state from bad governance.

Agboola said he was in ZLP to change the narrative of Ondo politics and governance for the people.

“We are not just in ZLP to contest. We want to win and take power for the benefit of all us. The state has spoken. The people are waiting for your (Mimiko’s) directive.”


Governor Akeredolu said his predecessor, Dr. Mimiko, cannot market what he termed a treacherous product.

Akeredolu, who spoke through his Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Donald Ojogo, was reacting to comments by Mimiko that he is not a progressive governor.


He said: “We don’t consider what the former governor said as needful of any response. He must say something to calm down and indeed calm the nervousness of his unsuspecting victims.

“We can only sympathise with him because he has come out to remind the people of Ondo State and as well reactivate their consciousness of his almost forgotten past. No one without any treacherous content can market a treacherous product.”


[The Nation]


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