Ize-lyamu: Leader Edo Needs For Enduring Change

It has been said that vision without passion is like a “tinkling cymbal” Now a tinkling cymbal falls short of its musical capacity. In other words, if go harbor a vision without the potential to transform society beyond its wildest dreams, lack of an accompanying passion to push the objective through in the face of all odds will ruin the project.

By Karimu lkharo

So, a vision is as good as the passion that drives it. That is the sum of the stories of great men and women of all ages, regardless of the realm in which they operated. That principle of the formative blocks of greatness hasn’t changed in our time.


Though a pastor, Osagie lze-lyamu is also a lawyer and one of his greatest dreams and aspirations is to become the governor of Edo State because of his soft spot for the progress of the state.


Ize-lyamu, an indigene of Benin, Edo State, feels that God’s time is now and that the opportunity will not elude him come September 19. He said if given the opportunity to become the governor of Edo State: “l promise to make Edo State a model for the country as well as fast-track the transformation of Edo State through transparent, effective and accountable governance that will improve the living standards and social well-being of our people.


How does he intend to achieve his goals if eventually elected? Let’s hear lze-lyamu. He said “lt is only through honest change, from the old ways of doing things, that we can end the suffering of our people and improve the business environment for genuine local and foreign direct investments. We shall use the “SlMPLE AGENDA” to bring economic and social justice to all, irrespective of political, religious or ethnic inclinations. Right now, we are on the wrong path and we definitely need a new direction. I am passionate about the progress of our state especially as l was born in the state and have lived here ever since.”


Ize-lyamu was educated at Ebenezer Primary School Benin City from where he proceeded to Edo College, Benin City, after which he got admission into the prestigious University of Benin where he obtained a degree in Law and thereafter, proceeded to Nigerian Law School, Lagos and was called to the Nigerian Bar. This is the unassailable record that truly qualifies lze-lyamu for governor. He deserves to be supported. Now a pastor, farmer and businessman all eminently rolled into one, Ize-lyamu believes he has all it takes to become the governor of Edo State based on his academic brilliance which has given him the privilege to serve the state as Special Assistant to the chairman of the old Oredo Local Government Council ( Oredo, Egor and lkpoba Okha) from 1988 to 1989, Chief of Staff to the Government from 1989 to 2003 and Secretary of Edo State Government from 2003 to 2007.


More so, lze-lyamu has been prominent in socio- political activities which have uplifted and improved the lives of Edo State resident which clearly qualify him for the race for Osadebe House. Besides, the resourceful politician, farmer and lawyer certainly stands the good chance of clinching the number one position in the state not only because he has excelled in his chosen profession, but also because he possesses a social vision that would further elevate Edo State to greater heights.


This is why the intention of lze-lyamu to contest the Edo State governorship again this year is most welcome and should be celebrated. His rich background equips him for the exalted office of the governor of a prominent and multiethnic state like Edo at a time the nation is clamouring for leaders with vision, leaders who will diversify our economy in the face of dwindling oil fortunes not only in Nigeria, but also worldwide.


According to Paul Obazee APC chieftain in ward 12, Edo people will be indeed grateful to have a man as Pastor Osagie lze-lyamu as Edo State governor. He is a political icon of our time, very patient, innovative and tactical. Ize-lyamu is likeable, loving and caring. I believe, we have every reason to queue behind his leadership.

• Karimu lkharo, Edo State.


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