Osun Is Not Bankrupt — Says Benedict Alabi

Osun State Deputy Governor Benedict Alabi has debunked claims the state is bankrupt.

Alabi, in a statement yesterday by his Chief Press Secretary, Olaniyi Ajibola, said those behind the rumour lacked the knowledge of macro-economic theories and indices of Fiscal Sustainability Index.

The deputy governor, who said Osun was indebted as other states, insisted there was no logical parity between incurred debt and insolvency in market economy.


The statement reads: “Our government remains committed to regular payment of salary and pension, as an integral part of our policy statement to make life more abundant for our people, against every pessimism from the opposition.


“I hope those who were sceptical about our position on the regular payment of full salary at the inception of our administration are by now disappointed. It is gratifying to note that even at the peak of the pandemic, the government continued to pay salary without delay. This points to the fact that whoever is prophesying doom for our state needs to be isolated for special mental examination.”


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