Igbo Lawyers to IPOB: Nigeria Not Yet A Failed State

A group of lawyers from the South East has restated its commitment to the Nigerian project, saying the country was not a failed state.

By Emma Elekwa, Onitsha

The group under the ages of League of Igbo Youth Lawyers made its position known on Saturday during a town hall meeting in Awka, Anambra state.


Addressing newsmen on behalf of the group, its President, Stanley Okafor, urged the people of the region, including members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to join hands with them to salvage the country.


He maintained they would not abandon the country in the hands of those he described as detractors and conspirators who had traded the destiny of the citizenry.

According to Okafor, the pro-Biafran group had every reason to agitate in view of the apparent frustrations occasioned by the selfish disposition of the political class but said that was not enough reason to give up hope.


He said it was either the leaders rose to their responsibility of building a stronger nation or allowed younger Nigerians to take over the mantle of leadership.

He said: “I’m not a member of IPOB. I have some reservations about their methodologies. Most of them are young Nigerians. Nnamdi Kanu is a very young man. Some of them find no more reason to believe Nigeria can work.


“Sometimes you don’t blame them especially when you see the frustrations visited on them by the misconduct of the political class. We shall continue to work in order to moderate those frustrations.

“We still have the opportunity to learn from the lessons that Biafra continues to hold in order to begin to make Nigeria work and to prove people like Nnamdi Kanu wrong because his conclusion is that Nigeria won’t work again.

“Part of our efforts is to cause new sensitization to raise new consciousness on the need for us to moderate our actions at all times and ensure what we do don’t breach the confines of propriety and the need to give Nigeria a chance.”


[The Nation]


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